Not many of us stop to think that a mere taxi ride from the airport to the hotel could set the bar for the whole trip we had in mind. It sounds a bit farfetched, doesn’t it? Not necessarily, if you stop for a minute and put facts together. We are going to do that for you and demonstrate pretty easily why this is true and, of course, why going for the private limo formula is better, cheaper and more comfortable. We believe we have your attention now 😊

Since we were talking about painting pictures, imagine that you’re landing on Miami International Airport; it’s a warm summer day, humidity is, lets’ face it, horrendous, as it is in Florida, and now the quest begins to find a ride to the hotel. Your first instinct is to look for a cab, but there are 3 main aspects you are not taking into consideration: the driver, the car and your comfort.

Let us start in that order. First things first, you are never going to know what type of driver you’re going to stumble upon – you could end up counting the minutes to your destination and, if you manage to land on a busy day, those minutes can turn to a whole lot more than just a few. As for the car, you could end up being transported in a faulty vehicle or one where comfort is a word long forgotten.

Speaking of comfort, air conditioning is a must in Florida – so imagine being stuck in traffic in a vehicle which does not posses this feature. Truly horrible, isn’t it? Catching a cheap private limo from the airport starts sounding better and better, we bet!

Now think of all the bad things we have said until now and give them a 180, for a private limo service does all of those things better and more. Twelve Transfers, for example, is doing this for more than 6 years in the UK – and once it perfected the business in jolly old London, decided to look across the ocean and fell in love with the sunshine state. That is why for the past year, the folks at Twelve Transfers began to apply the same recipe in Florida and the results are great.

Your nightmare-trip from the airport to the hotel we described a bit earlier transforms into one of the most amazing driving experiences you have ever had. Imagine getting picked up from the airport by an experienced chauffeur, who will drive you to your destination safe and sound. Expect to be picked up by a luxurious car, equipped with all the means to keep you entertained and relaxed for the whole duration of the ride.

What’s best – they aren’t even pricey! That’s right, Twelve Transfers operates rides with up to 20% cheaper than most their competitors, that means premium class airport transfers, with prices starting from $75.00 in Miami and Fort Lauderdale!

Still thinking about it? Why not head over to the official Twelve Transfers website and see how taxi services in the US evolved into something better, cheaper and more comfortable.


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